"Jekyll build failed" on a site with .nojekyll

I’ve just pushed a change to my repository and have received a message warning me that my Jekyll build has failed. The page is still online, but in Settings for the repository I still find an error message instead of the usual “your page is online” and the URL green message. However, I have put .nojekyll files both in the master and docs folders (I’m using docs for the page), so of course I wouldn’t expect the build to begin in the first place. Is this normal behaviour or some kind of bug? Is it an error on my part? This is the repository:


Thank you very much!

Hi @stur86,

Thanks for being here! I want to confirm that I see your site is up, but if you’re still seeing this error or other strangeness, I’d recommend you write in to private support. They’ll be able to dive into this a bit deeper and help discover what the underlying issue might be.


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Thanks! I don’t see the error any more now. No idea what the deal was. Problem closed for me, sorry for the false alarm!

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Oh, I’m so glad all is well! Thanks for the update and letting us know!