JavaScript or Phyton

Hi, i need an advice. Which programming language i should choose? I like to programming but i want take advantage from my hobby (I’m studying system engineer anyways). I have littles knowledges about JavaScript ( FreeCodeCamp<3 ) but i’m not sure about it offer and demand. I want to practice my knowledge in programming and live from that. I want to be independent doing what I like. Please tell me your opinions and experience, i really need an advice, Thanks!

Personally, I love python. A great very basic beginner book is Python works great for all types of bots, math, games, anylisis, and just about anything else. The book I recomended has examples that came with the python download.

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That’s a tough question…


This language is use mainly for web development and the job request for it is very high. There are a lot of frameworks to learn but they are not so difficult to understand: angular, react or vue.


We can talk about this programming language for days, there are a bunch of jobs that you can do with it. You can use it for everything: web development (with django), science, automate some repetitive task, games…

However in my country (italy) it’s not so easy to find a job related to this language, usually the common request is for Java.

here some books -> Books-for-Python

So the choice depends on what do you want to do: web dev (javascript),  science (python),  machine learning (python), backend (python), frontend (javascript), data analysis (python), automated processing (python), and so on… Ask if you have something you are really want to do


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