Javascript language

Why is Javascript soo difficult

Javascript isn’t difficult, It’s because probably you’re newbie to programming sounds difficult first but you’ll find it easy if you keep learning/experiencing it

For me who has programmed it for 1 year and half, it’s very easy.


@BayoDino let’s avoid making assumptions or value judgements about people’s experience. JavaScript is a programming language that uses a number of uncommon paradigms that can make it challenging to switch to even for experienced programmers.

One example of why people find it challenging is that it is a prototype-based language, which is a concept that is not often taught in most computer science curricula. And, honestly, a lot of the other reasons why people can find it challenging are often outgrowths of this one design decision :grinning:

I hope that helps @kaakyire1991!


thank you very much for your explanation. I will keep on practicing for a good result