Java System pause

I want to implement in some way the System (“pause”) as in c, but using java.
the problem is that I do not know how to block execution in the calling process.
check my repo plz: 

this is not work yet … but I hope you get the idea you want i want to do.

If you want to download a library, NetBeans and Eclipse both have a built-in pause feature. I’m not a person who knows how to advanced use Java (yet), so I can’t say for sure if this is going to help you.

But if you wanted to make one from scratch, I unfortunately can’t help.

EDIT:  For those who wish to visit OP’s repo, he put in the wrong link, the correct link for his repo is

EDIT 2:  OP fixed his link.

thx for reply! i dont see that the link dont work! i fix it now