I've created an unimaginable mess while attempting to figure all this out

I need a recovery point.  I tried to start over and that makes things worse.   I want to pick out a project I can afford and simply make things happen…but the Jargon, procedures and sytax to the main machine is making me step all over myself.  Nothing is simple.  Should I place what I’ve started on hold…by simply ignoring it…because I think I’ve painted myself into a corner by trying to fix things I don’t fully understand.  I need someone’s advice.,…I feel under pressure to produce…however I am drowing.  Help…Garyu

Hi @harley174xx,

We’re glad you’re here :)

Please provide more details. This will make the community more likely to respond to your post. You may want to include what you are trying to achieve, what you have tried so far, and explain a bit about the project.  


Subject: Re: nadiajoyce mentioned you in GitHub Community Forum
Thank you nadiajoyce,
     I am happy that you took valuable time to respond.  My name is
Gary Langford and my
project is a security rover.  I have been assembling parts for over a
year and trying to obtain code to make it functional.  I have been
somwhat successful and hope to assimilate Git and
Github in an effort to achieve success.  I have stumbled over
protocol, syntax and common
sense trying to figure out procedure and wondering why it seems more
complicated and less forgiving than it should be.  I am a lifelong
tech nearly 3/4 century old and feel that I have
something to contribute.  Your response gives me hope.  Thank you,
Gary Langford

Hi @harley174xx,

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