Item page from Unread Notifications page loses header buttons after go by an URL on the page

If go to Unread Notifications page and select an item with an URL inside, then open the item, there would be set of buttons in the top of the page:

[Done] [Unsubscribe] [Mark as unread] [Save] x

These buttons is a kind of pop up buttons because of the cross button at the end.

But if go by an URL on the page and go back (browser back button), then the buttons disappear and the user have to go to Unread Notifications page again to press Done or Unsubscribe on the item.

Can you restore them on the browser back button?

That’s the correct behavior. Once you’ve opened the notification page in the browser, it will disappear from the “Unread” notifications list.

What I do to prevent the problem you described is to simply Ctrl + click on the unread links, so I don’ loose the “Unread Notifications” page; this way you’ll keep the original list in the browser (just don’t refresh the page) and you can always mark a read item as unread if you want it to remain in the “unread” list even after having visited it.

By an URL I’ve meant an external link in the unread message body outside of the github, not the inner unread item.