It says there are "outstanding issues" with my account when applying for a Students account

I finally decided to apply for GitHub students account today. However, when I tried sending my application I was immediately greeted with this message:

“There are outstanding issues with your GitHub account. Please contact GitHub Support for more information.”

I think I already know what it may be caused by: I live in Moscow, however I often spend part of the year in Crimea, and so my account was falsely tagged as sanctioned one some time ago. I never bothered to fix that, especially since I fear sending a picture of my passport to GitHub for privacy reasons.

I still believe it’s a good idea to ask here thought in case it’s some other issue. I would be extremely disappointed if the sanctioned account status is the reason for the deny, as I believe it is unfair to discriminate students based on their location, while calling the program open “to students from all countries”.

I want to state that I have provided a valid school email that matches my real life school, located in Moscow.

Hi there and welcome :wave:t3:

For student benefits and related conversations, we recommend visiting the Student Developer Pack FAQs post as that may help answer your questions. If not, please use that Discussion to ask for assistance as that is the Education Community’s new home.

Hello, thanks for your reply! :smiley:

You seem to have accidentally sent the wrong link, however I have found what I presume to be the correct page and read it throughout, plus re-read the registration page requirements. It seems I qualify to all points:

  1. “Be currently enrolled in a degree or diploma granting course of study” - Yes, I am currently in school, having finished grade 9 today.
  2. “Have a verifiable school-issued email address” - Yes, I have provided an email address with my school’s personal and easily verifiable domain.
  3. “Have a GitHub user account.” - Obviously, I do! :slight_smile:
  4. “Be at least 13 years old.” - I am currently 15 years old.

Therefore I believe the only reason it could automatically not let me apply could be, in fact, my account being tagged as a Crimean one. I have even given the website my location data which proves I am in same city as my school - Moscow, which is obviously not in a sanctioned region.

I would like to know if I’ll have to send out a blurred out pic of my passport with “Issued by Moscow gov” on it to qualify for students program or if there is an easier way to do it.

Thank you for letting me know about the link, I’ve updated it :smile:

But I do understand that is frustrating and I wish I could help further besides pointing in the right direction.

I would suggest posting your topic there in the Education category as those folks are going to be more likely to be able to help you than the folks who work on this Forum.

Alright, thanks! I’ll post it there. If I won’t find the solution I’ll just try getting the sanctioned badge off my account :smile: