It keeps getting better - Code To Cloud Check-in

Hello everyone! :wave: I’m Akash, Community Manager focused on GitHub Actions alongside @thomasshaped And I am here to share some hot & exciting Code to Cloud updates that you don’t want to miss out on.

Key Highlights from Git 2.3x :high_brightness:

The open source Git project released Git 2.31 with features and bug fixes:

  • No more waiting for git gc --auto to auto complete the run when you’re stuck, you can resume working pretty much instantly. With Git 2.31, you can simply turn on background maintenance using $ git maintenance start to improve the fetch time.
  • In the version release 2.31, Git can now serialize the reverse index into a new, on-disk format with the .rev extension. For details, check out the blog post.
  • The latest version of GIT 2.36, introduces a significantly more flexible set of configuration options to tune how and when Git will explicitly fsync different kinds of files, not just if fsyncs loose objects. See More flexible fsync configuration for more info.

Simplify GitHub Actions using secrets with reusable workflows :recycle:

GitHub Actions is now even more simplified using secrets with reusable workflows with the all new secrets: inherit keyword.

Previously when passing secrets to a reusable workflow, you had to pass each secret as a separate argument. Now you can simply pass the secrets: inherit to the reusable workflow and the secrets will be inherited from the calling workflow. Isn’t that easy? Have you found it helpful?

Bonus! Keep your Projects secure on GitHub :lock:

Our team has been working hard and writing a lot to help you stay on top of dependency security. Read our blog post to explore different ways you can keep your projects secure on GitHub today.

Want more security content? Read about end-to-end supply chain security and how to prevent secret leaks with GitHub Advanced Security Let’s get Secure!

Lights Camera Actions! Get ready with your questions ➤➤

We are back with yet another AMA for Actions! @thomasshaped will be hosting & asking some of the top questions from the community to Actions Product Manager @ethomson :star::star:

Where? GitHub Twitch

Got any pressing questions to ask? Feel free to post them in the comments below and we’ll be sure to ask them in the AMA. See you all there.

That’s all for now! Is there anything else you would like to see in my next check-in? Let me know and I’ll see you all in two weeks. :rocket:


Great first post, @Akash1134 :clap:t2:. The reusable workflow changelog post is :woman_cook:t2: :ok_hand:t2: