Issues with step 3 of the Uploading your project to GitHub class

I am on step 3 of the uploading your project to GitHub class and it is asking me to navigate to my project directory and I’m not sure what that directory name is.    When I look at the various tabs and I look under project it says I have no projects.   I assume that means I have none that have been uploaded.    I have completed the first three classes so I assume I need to navigate to some location on my laptop and upload my local project.    

Does anyone know where it puts the local project ?   

Thanks ! 


Hi @mrezeski,

The Projects tab on GitHub is related to a kanban style project board that can be created to manage issues, notes, and pull requests within your repository. 

For step 3 of this course, it’s asking you to move a local project that exists on your computer up to GitHub. You can do this a number of ways as provided in the course instructions but you’ll need an existing Git project to upload to GitHub.

Let us know if you continue to run into issues.


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