Issues with Custom ULR/Domain for Pages

I’ve read quite a bit of documentation on both GitHub’s end and Gandi’s end, but I’m still struggling with getting my domain name I purchased at Gandi to direct people to my GitHub Page.  Admittedly, this is really networking stuff is foreign terrain for me and I’m lost in a lot of the lingo.  Would anyone be kind enough to help guide me through it?  

I created a CNAME file with the exact custom domain name in it, excluding the www. section.  On Gandi’s website, under the “DNS Records” section, I’ve added 4 A records using the IPs listed here.  And then created a CNAME file on Gandi that has the “name” field was “www.” and the hostname is my the link to my GitHub Page (which is bare currently)

I’m sorry if posting this is a burden, but I only came here after many failed attempts on my end.  Thank you very much.

Hi @josephtlyons,

Thanks for being part of the GitHub Community Forum!

I took a look, and I’m seeing that is properly redirecting to It seems as if this may be working as expected now? If you’re still having trouble, please do let us know and the community can help you troubleshoot further.

Thanks for the reply. It seems I finally figured it out. I made a bunch of changes (some systematic and some that were entirely random from the frustration) so I don’t entirely know which one fixed it, but I think I had to use a period at the end of the Pages URL when making my record with Gandi.