Issues on my git clone

Hi there,

I am a newbie for Cisco automation. I got an issue here:

remote: Repository not found.

fatal: repository ‘’ not found

I just used the git clone the repository to my local directory but I can’t login my account.
I copied the token and pasted on macos terminal, but it seems not right.

Can anyone give an idea?


The PAT (Personal Access Token) is now being enforced by GitHub for all Git operations via HTTPS. So, when asked for the user you’ll provide your GitHub username, and when asked for the password you provide your PAT (instead of your GH account password).

If that’s not working, you might want to check your PAT settings, for not all tokens are alike: when you create a token you have to chose which privileges you allow to that specific token — e.g. if you use the default PAT settings, you won’t be able to work with repositories which use GitHub Workflows, and so on.

Another possible cause of the problem could be the credentials manager — ensure that your current token is the one being associate with GitHub, and that the cred. manager is correctly storing your credentials.

Credentials failure for Git operations doesn’t provide detailed info on why it failed (it’s so by design, not to aid hackers).

Many users are reporting problems using the PAT, for one reason or another, so it’s likely that the solution is already available in one of the many posts on the topic — worth noting that each OS seems to have different solutions.

Thank you!
I am also a newbie for Cisco automation. This helped a lot.