Issues downloading images from Github

I mainly use Github to access the forum and download loadable files from a project called MotioneyeOS.

Over the last 24 hours I have been experiencing issues - Network Errors when trying to download from the following link.

When i use Chrome to download the file I just get a message indicating that there has been a Network Error, if i Righ Click that message i get an option to Resume/Cancel, and eventually i can get the file downloaded.

If i use Firefox i get more information and the error is included in a screenshot below.

Screenshot 2021-06-06 at 22.44.54

I have used this service for some time with no issues until now so not sure what is happening??



That is frustrating, but the link and file look fine, so you’ll likely have to play with a few things on your end until you find what’s causing the problem. My guess is your AV or a download manager browser extension is causing the issue. I’d try the following four fixes and report back if you still don’t have a solution: Top 4 Fixes for Download Failed Network Error in Chrome. Please include your OS and Browser versions. Also, I’d repost this on: Google Chrome Help as well. Hope that helps.

I have gotten errors like this before.
I do not know if it would help, but try downloading the file, waiting, and then checking the dir where it was saved to. That might help if it is an error with the browser showing it is complete and it not being complete.
Also, when I tried to open the file after downloading, I get an error, so maybe it is invalid.

Just so you know, you might want to edit the picture because now everyone knows your username on your computer.
Hope this helps & I did not misunderstand the question


Thanks for your responses, i think i was a little vague with the info on my original post so here is some back up info

My systems are all MAC OSX
I get the same issue on more than one system
The problem occurs on Chrome, Firefox & Safari.
Only Firefox gives any Error info.
Chrome lets you know it has errored, but Safari gives you nothing.
When i get the error on either Browsers the file is definitely not complete and useless.
I have reported the issue to the owners Forum and they cannot see any issue…
I have cleared all cache on Chrome and Fiirefox does it automatically so there is no History.
I will review the post that mentioned the Chrome possible issues and fixes.

Thank for the heads up on the USerID .

Thx JohnW

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Did you try updating your browsers and OSes?
That could fix the problem

I do not have MacOS, so can’t test. :frowning:

I do not have MacOS, so can’t test. :frowning:

I’ve tested on macOS 11.3.1 and can successfully download and mount. @reenoejw are you able to download other files? I would try to download with a dedicated download manager, like Free download manager for Mac | Folx.


My OSX is at 11.4, the latest, and all apps are iptodate.

@loganbek There are many files availble to download and i get the same issue with all of them.

Interestingly with Folx i get similar errors to those i reported in Chrome but it has the smarts to realize it is a resumable error and resumes the download automatically. so after a while, the download does complete.

There is a large message log associated with the download and i must be honest does not make a lot of sense to me, and i do not want to copy it onto the forum as it probably contains info in regard to my system setup.



Maybe there is an issue with your system setup.
Could you create a new account with default settings & test?

You might be able to contact Apple support and get help from them, as this issue seems to affect your whole system.

Sorry for the late reply; I was working on other things and forgot to check this thread.

Do you mean you can reproduce on more than one computer?
If so, there might be a more serious MacOS problem.
Can you test on iOS, Linux, Windows, or an older MacOS version?

If you can’t download files, you might be able to install a download manger from the app store and see if that fixes the problem


Here is the latest

As was suggested i by iam-py-test i started to do a few other tests, including using a windows device… and the download worked !!!

So i went back to my MAC devices and surprise, surprise it also worked on all those devices.

I assume GitHub uses CDN to provide effective worldwide coverage, so i am now beginning to think was this a CDN issue that only affected UK/Ireland???

Thanks for everyone’s help, but this is still a mystery to me???