Issues beta enabled but not available

Hey there,

I just got granted access to the new issues (projects) beta.
I had to turn my personal account to an Organization to use it and all went fine there.

But now I can’t access the new project types although the beta is enabled

In the projects area I should see a dropdown “Create a project” option but only have the old button without the beta option

Anyone having an idea?


Projects beta is currently only for user and organization level, they haven’t been added to repository level yet.

Hey @katsute, this is fine. I am trying to use it on user or org level and not on a repo. ACtually I checked on all possible levels just to be sure.

My issue is that it is enabled but I can’t use it and have no clue why.

Seems like a bug, you should probably report it to github support.

I would love to but there is no option to do so and the good ol replies with a link to the community.

Try asking for help on the feedback repository Discussions · github/feedback · GitHub, more people look at those than this site.

yeah I saw this one but didn’t add it there, will do.