Issues at step 7 "respond to a review"

:keyboard: Activity: Fixing your pull request

  1. Check out to your branch:

    git checkout

  2. Type ls to see a listing of your root directory.

  3. Confirm that you’ve got a folder titled _posts.

  4. Step into the folder with cd _posts.

  5. Type ls to see a listing of your _posts folder.

  6. Ensure you’ve got a file named _posts/

  7. If you find you have to any changes, then stage, commit, and push those changes:

    git add.git commit -m"<YOUR-MESSAGE>"git push

I dont understand what why i cant get past this point, Im unable to put / in the file name so why is it looking for this?

any help would be great.

Hi @matt198! This is required because if the naming conventions don’t match, the blog post won’t show up.

When you edit the file on GitHub, you should be able to type / after _posts, which will put the file into that directory. Can you elaborate when you say you’re unable to put the / in the file name?