Issue with stuck action instance

I recently configured my first GitHub Action. It was working fine while being on my private repo. Then I made the repo public and migrated it to my organization. It didn’t run for the first time as I forgot to sign up for Actions for my organization.

Once my organization got access to Actions, I pushed new commit to trigger defined Action. Before it finished, I pushed small fix and went to current Action to stop it. Since then it got stuck and it shows yellow dot meaning it’s still running. I clicked ‘Cancel check suite’ multiple times and it always results in ‘You have successfully requested the check suite to be canceled.’. Anything else I could do to get rid of that stuck Action?

Here’s the link for my Action instance.

This is how it looks now:


@robdy - That looks to be an issue on our end. I’ve alerted our engineers about this internally so they can review this further. We’ll follow up as soon as we hear any updates from them!

If you have any other instances to share, please let us know and we’ll relay that over as well. Thanks again for reporting this!


@francisfuzz - Hey! I’m experiencing a similar issue. My action seems to complete all tasks but then it still hangs. All of them are checked, but it does not complete in the main actions list.


I also have this issue:

I also cannot cancel the action either.