Issue with hello-github-actions course

On step “Start your workflow” of the pull issue, it says to create a workflows folder and main.yml inside the .git folder.
Problem is when I do that on my local machine, when I do a git status, it says nothing has changed so cannot stage the addition of workflows/main.yml and commit.
Has this anything to do with my .ignore file on my local repo ? I don’t think so but am lost …
I had no issues if I made the folder and file in the Github website and then committed …

Hi @tilakapash! Without seeing your file system, I can’t be certain of what the problem is.

But, I have one guess - you typed in your response that the new files were nested in a .git folder. They should be nested instead in a .github folder. If you move them to the .github folder, do you see any differences with git status?

That’s it.

Typo. Lack of attention to detail.

Thanks @brianamarie