Issue with 'createFile' actions

I am working on creating a learning lab course to teach python. For one of the steps, the course creates a README file for the user. I have noticed thru testing that if the step runs more than once, it will silently fail after getting to the createFile action. For now, I have resolved this by moving the createFile action to the end of the step to ensure that it will only run after everything else has completed, but I was wondering if there was a better way to deal with this issue. I have also tried using the ‘required: false’ tag on the createFile action, but that does not fix the issue.

Hey there @adamurish! One strategy might be to put the file on a different branch of the template repository, and then use Learning Lab to merge the branch in at the appropriate time in the course. Here’s an example of how we do this in one of the GitHub courses.