Issue when working with pods (for Firebase) in Swift/Xcode

Hi everyone,

I’m really new to this and learning as I go along however I’m having problems since I installed the Firebase pods. I couldnt even figure out how to locate my file in terminal, so dragged my files to the desktop, then installed the pods which created my workspace project. I dragged this back into my app folder and have been getting different error messages since.

The one I am currently stuck on is "

Command PhaseScriptExecution failed with a nonzero exit code" which looks like it’s trying to find the GoogleUtilities.framework in a folder, when I’ve shown package contents it is actually in there.

The header for the bit where it goes wrong is ‘Run custom shell script ‘[CP] Embed Pods Frameworks’’.

Where am I going wrong? Is there a way to uninstall everything I’ve added and start again?

Thank you everyone!

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