Issue tracker for Github Actions Core functionality

Hello Github,

It would be super great if you could create an issue tracker page for feature requests for the github actions core functionality.

This community forum is not the best place to track these.


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Are you referring to @actions/core (toolkit/packages/core at main · actions/toolkit · GitHub) or GitHub Actions features in general?

In the latter case, well, feature requests should not be posted in the forum at all, but submitting through the official product feedback form so that the product team can track the request. Accepted requests should eventually be listed publicly on the roadmap.


This is not transparent. I don’t know if someone else has already requested this + I don’t know how many other people want the same thing + I don’t know a rough timeline of its implementation. The public roadmap project is not ideal as I can’t really follow specific developments. It’s much more efficient to follow specific tickets that I am interested in.

I think Github’s customers and potential new users of gha deserve to have this.