Issue templates: Please add all supported query parameters into both templates and template chooser

The issue templates are great, but as more features are introduced in github like projects and the template builder then this feature is now kind of half baked.

All templates have a yaml frontmatter in the following format:

name: Tracking issue
about: Use this template for tracking new features.
title: "[DATE]: [FEATURE NAME]"
labels: tracking issue, needs triage
assignees: octocat

Some of these yaml properties like “labels”, “title” and “assignees” corrensponds with supported query parameters for issue automation. You can see this in action when inspecting the the issue template chooser as it will generate a link that looks like this:

<a href="/demo-org/demo-repo/issues/new?assignees=&amp;labels=tracking%2C+triage&amp;;title=" class="btn btn-primary">
  Get started

Please add support for the remaining query parameters in issue templates, especially “projects” :slight_smile:

@jonaspetersorensen - Hi there! Sorry for the delay here, and thanks for sharing that idea with us here. The best way to share product feedback and feature requests is through this form:

Our product team reads and evaluates everything there, but they may not able to respond to every submission. We hope this helps as a next step for what you’ve shared here!