Issue references not presented as links if edited using GitHub App token


I’m experiencing a very strange problem with my applications (Yoda Webhook, see

Yoda Webhook listens to events related to issues and then does some (I think pretty nice) functionality using issue references to create a hierchy.

The application is able to run both using a personal access token (for a real user or a service account) OR to run as a GitHub App (authorizing using client_id, client_secret, etc. - all handled via Octokit).

When running using a personal access token, all is good.

When running as a GitHub App, there is a very very strange problem. Issues references to other repos (e.g. hewlettpackard/yoda-demo#1) which are normally interpreted and presented on the Web UI as a hyperlink are changed with Yoda Webhook does any change to the body text using the API. The text remains the same (again hewlettpackard/yoda-demo#1), BUT it is shown as just text and NOT as hyperlink (blue underline, you can click it).

Seems a very very strange behavior.

This is happening on GHE on version 2.20.3. I’ll see about doing an experiment on as well…


I am wondering if this is somehow related to the (recent?) “Autolink reference” feature.

In repo settings these are described as per below. So, what what I’m talking about (issue references) it should always work (and it does, except if for Bots authroizing via Github App mechanism (via Octokit)…

" Autolink references

Add autolink reference

References to GitHub issues, pull requests, and commits are automatically converted into links. Configure your own autolink references for non-GitHub URLs. Learn more."

This problem has gone away as part of recent upgrade to GHE (to version 2.21.3)…

Unfortunately, I have to revert on my comment. The problem still exists (even in 2.21.3)!!