Issue list of a public repository is not accessible with github app access token

GET /repos/:owner/:repo/issues in a public repository is not accessible(403 error) with github app access token until I install the github app to the repository.

For private repos, accessing issues without installing the app is definitely supposed to throw the error. But, for public repos, I’m a bit confusing that it is really a feature or not because I still can access a specific issue in public repositories with the app token regardless installing.

I’m not sure I’m understanding your question exactly. I think you’re asking whether it is intentional that your GitHub App cannot list issues in a public repository until that App is installed into the public repository.

If I am understanding you and that is the question, the answer is yes, it is intentional. GitHub Apps are designed to give the person installing them into their organization specific, targeted control over what that App is able to access and do. This allows people to install a GitHub App that someone else wrote and know that it isn’t going to read a bunch of stuff they don’t want it to read.

I hope that helps!