Issue labels NOW always have black text, making many unreadable

The new issue label appearance has lost the ability to switch text color to white whenever the label color is too dark to properly read black text. This GREATLY limits the total possible colors I can choose for my labels, and makes MANY default labels unreadable.

I will say up front that I do NOT like this change at ALL, from the overly rounded corners to the fact that text color is always black. Change is NOT always a good thing, and this is a clear example of it.

Please put “issue labels” appearance back to the way it was, or at least give us the ability to customize the appearance, particularly the text color, so that labels can be readable again. This can actually be considered an “accessibility” thing, because many who need to use high contrast colors because of old eyes or similar eyesight-related issues, would NOT be able to read a large number of the labels at all, and have a hard time reading many of the others.

Restricting us to using light pastel colors with “only black text” defeats the purpose of colored labels, which until now I’ve using to tag issues for things like bug categories and customer mods.

Well, I don’t know if it’s a result of this issue, but right now I see the following - and that’s pretty :poop: