Issue Events API documentation out of sync?


I am testing 

GET /repos/:owner/:repo/issues/:issue_number/events


and according to  docs I expect to receive requested_reviewers object 

but instead I receive requested_team and requested_reviewer JSON fields. 


Ok to clarify your query in GitHub pull request is also an issue. Also, the requested_team would be the codeowners for the repo. If you have a CODEOWNERS  file in your repo kindly check that has a team.

Consider this example

It has a codeowner file with owner @MvvmCross/core. so the result would have requested_team

Now consider this Example

In this, it doesn’t have CODEOWNERS so it is based on the reviewers. So you could see the reviewers in the requested_reviewer key.

Also i think so still some of the documentation needs to be updated in github.