Issue -> Discussion Migration Stuck

There was an issue that I tried to convert to a discussion about 6 days ago, but it apparently got stuck.

Here’s the discussion: [Feature Request] Make a system in python that will scan for possible scam domains/accounts/threads and report it via a Github Issue, Google Sheets/Google Form or custom database. · Discussion #62 · ThioJoe/YT-Spam-Lists · GitHub

Here’s the original issue: GitHub · Where software is built (deleted)

I saw that it had created the thread in discussions, so I tried deleting the issue, but it still shows as being migrated when I go to the discussion page for it.

maybe it’s related to this one, you can also join the discussion there,

Yes, that seems to have got stuck indeed. I’ve flagged this for moderator attention in case any forum moderator knows of a way to get this un-stuck. The other option is just waiting, I’m afraid. If you urgently need the issue you could try shooting Support an email.

Hey there :wave:

I’ve gone ahead and forwarded this to our Discussions team. Hopefully we can give it a kick in the virtual-pants, soon. :tm: