Issue - confusing activity timeline for private repo contributions

I’d like to raise an issue for what I believe a UX challenge in the activity timeline of a timeline; not sure whether this the right forum, but here we go:

My own contributions to my own private repositories are not flagged as private - this causes a tad bit of irritation while trying to determine which of my activities ended up in public vs private repos.

The screenshot below shows that I created two private repos, and that the creation of the repo is flagged with appropriate iconography. I like that.

Immediately above that, the timeline shows some commits of mine to these private repos of mine - but there is no flagging that the commits were made to a private repo. One could get the impression from looking at the timeline, that the private repos no longer are private.

Request: All timeline entries should always flag whether the target repo is private, with iconography matching “created … repositories”. IMHO, the current state of privacy should be flagged, and not the “as-of the time of the activity” - but there are arguments both ways. If undecided, one could render both “as-of” and “current” with iconography.