Issue_comment trigger for action not working

My workflow/main.yml file starts with this:

    types: edited

And the issue_comment trigger was working just fine earlier this afternoon, but now no longer works. The pull_request trigger still works fine. The workflow file is in my default branch.
Does anyone have any ideas of what is happening?

Hi @Elepert,

I confirmed issue_comment works fine on my side.
How did you edit the comment? Manually edit the comment should work.
If you edit comment via command/action with ‘GITHUB_TOKEN’, it will NOT work since GITHUB_TOKEN cannot be used to trigger a new workflow(change to PAT as secrets instead).

Please try again, and if the issue persists, it’s recommended to share your repo/sample repo for further investigation.


Thanks for responding @weide-zhou ! I am manually editing a comment. My work repo is this one Anytime I edit the first comment, it used to trigger the action (which is in the master branch), but it stopped working. I’m not sure if I accidentally broke something.

Hi @Elepert,

Edit the issue body should not trigger the event, it appears same on my side.
With rest api here, i confirm the issue body is not listed in the comment list, the first comment should be ‘awwe -edited–123’ in my screenshot, edit it can trigger the workflow.

Please confirm you didn’t edit the issue body.


@weide-zhou I have tried adding a comment (so not editing the Issue body) and it does trigger the action. This is really weird, last week editing the issue body did trigger the action as well.

Hi @Elepert,

Thanks for your reply!

I didn’t notice the difference before, but based on the issue comment listed in the API result, edit issue body should not trigger the workflow.

You can raise a feedback ticket for confirmation:[category]=actions


@weide-zhou Thanks for your help!