Issue Cards Not Rendering Emojis nor MD Formatting

While using GH Community I noticed that the Issue cards generated from links to Issues on repositories are not rendering emoji inside labels:

As you can see in the above card, the emoji in the labels are rendered as text. Also, markdown formatting is not rendered either.

I’m not sure how and where these cards are generated (i.e. whether they are generated by GitHub or a third party service) and I know that since they are intended for any type of external link they don’t necessarily abide to GitHub convention.

But, in case they are being generated by GitHub, it would make sense that their generator would be context aware regarding URLs pertaining to GitHub Issues, PRs, Discussions, etc., and render labels, emoji and markdown formatting accordingly.

You might wonder why I prefix every label with an emoji icon. The answer is that they allow grouping related labels by topic, using a common emoji (e.g. a :skull: for problematic issues, and :hammer: for tools, a :books: for documentation, etc.). Since emojis are indexed as text, they are sorted Asciibetically, which ultimately allows labels to be listed as if they were in groups.

Also, emoji icons allow to quickly spot labels by type, without necessary having to read them.


Hey there, welcome back to the GitHub Support Community! I’m fairly certain these cards may be generated by Discourse (the third-party service that GitHub uses for this forum) with some help of custom GitHub configuration in the backend. I do agree that emojis and Markdown should be rendered in these cards when referred to in forum threads.

I would typically refer you to the official feedback form on GitHub, but that only refers to GitHub services and not the support community forum. We appreciate the feedback and I’ll relay this thread to staff! Thank you :grin:

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Hi @tajmone and @gisgar3 I thank you both some much for surfacing and discussing this pattern! We’ll take a look into it.

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Hi @tajmone New posts with purebasic emojis render successfully now from my view. We checked in with our platform support and they’ve pushed some new changes regarding this. Would be able to tell me if you see the same result?

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I confirm, I can see the emojis correctly in you new card (also tested with in preview) and it works!

That was great, thanks for the improvement.