Issue assignment / Finding (really) unassigned first contribution issues


Looking to make entry-level contributions to projects I came across the following challenge:

All open issues I find are effectively already taken with users commenting on the wall that they would work on an issue. At the same time, none of those issues has any user officially assigned to it. As a result, I end up spending a lot of time for nothing looking for issues which are not free any more.

The question is important to me and other junior level developers/students. We need practice to have any chances of being invited to an interview and progress professionally. In short, it is a vicious circle.


1. Is anybody aware of a reliable way to search for truly non-assigned first commit / beginner friendly issues? and

2. Would not GitHub moderators consider a possibility of requiring projects administrators to assign issues to users who already work on them?

Thanks for your attention.

All the best

  1. You can find it in some issues tracker site like: or Even in you can find something.

  2. The beauty of github is also to have the freedom to manage the projects stored on it as you want, imposing too rigid rules would be a problem in my opinion.

ps: if you are in search of a python3 project I’ve one for you: YAPI

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