Issue and PR timelineItems query never returns CommentDeletedEvent's

The GraphQL endpoint allows querying for timelineItems on issues/PR’s. One of the listed timeline item types is a CommentDeletedEvent. Unfortunately, when creating/deleting a comment on an issue/PR, this event item never appears in the timeline.

Is this event improperly named (and intended for some other purpose)? Is this a bug? Or is this for some obscure reason by design? 

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I can get this event with the following scenario.

  • Created a pull request as User1
  • Made a comment on the pull request as User2
  • Deleted the comment as the User1 who created the pull request

PR link:

GraphQL Query:

@parithiban ahh so the event only exists when a comment is deleted by a user other than the original commenting user. Thanks for pointing this out!

That’s inconsistent with the webhook but it kind of makes sense. The webhook still delivers an issue_comment.deleted event when deleting my own comment. :frowning: However if I create a comment then delete it, there doesn’t appear to be any way to know that via GraphQL.

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