Is this supposed to happen

Look at the languages section before and after i reload the page

Hi there @DiamondDemon669,

It looks like it might just be GitHub reprocessing your repository contents. Have you made any commits recently that might have changed those values?

If you have, reloading your page may have just forced your browser to fetch the most recent figures, rather than the cached numbers.

it keeps interchanging between the two things shown in the video - i havent uploaded a build in hours

also it started happening when i uploaded the python version and build

Thanks for getting back to me, @DiamondDemon669! I just had a look at the repository and am seeing that too.

Just to check, would you mind pushing a test commit to the repository? This could be adding some extra whitespace to the README or capitalising a sentence - just something to tell GitHub to refresh the repository.

Having a Refresh Repository button on the WebUI to force hard-freshing would be nice, maybe this could be a viable feature request. (but where should one propose such a feature request?)

Hey @tajmone,

‘Refreshing’ a repository is a very rare troubleshooting step only suggested when something may have gone wrong backstage, so generally it’s best to avoid needless commits or updates (for continuity and semantics of the git log).

If you’d like to suggest this though, you can always get in touch with GItHub Support over email!

Hey @DiamondDemon669!

I’ve just had another look at your repository and the language counter seems to have stabilised. Are you still having any issues with it?

I was really thinking more of refreshing the GitHub abstraction of the repository (i.e. all the extra data layers that GitHub extrapolates from it, like stats, etc.), for it has come up rather frequently in this forum that users are experiencing issues with some aspects of the WebUI not being refreshed to reflect changes to a repository (searches, etc.). The impression I had is that sometimes GH is overloaded with tasks and some repositories end up waiting in a queue for refreshes, and having a similar button might help speed up the process.

It’s working for me too

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