Is there still a need for front end developers?

Hi everyone i’m Dave and i’m new to this forum, i’m taking some courses on udemy and codeacademy about html css and javascript i’m about halfway through my courses and i feel like i’ve learned alot, however i keep hearing that front end web developers are dime a dozen and that there’s not really a need for them anymore because of websites like Wix. I would like some advice and should i say motivation from someone in the industry because right now i feel like i might be wasting my time, should i keep learning html css and js or should i try learning other programming languages that will make me more valuable and have a more secure career in the long term? Any advice is appreciated!

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Hello and welcome to the community!

If there is one constant about the software industry, perhaps even more so than the rest of life, it is change. Technologies change. Techniques change. People change. Roles change. Positions change. Titles change. So if you want to be a software developer, being prepared for change and never becoming complacent in maintaining your knowledge or skillset is something that is going to be necessary.

And yes, front end web developers are plentiful though I wouldn’t go so far as to say “a dime a dozen”. Part of the reason for that is that front end web development training courses and codecamps are abundant. But also it’s because every business, every cause, every fan club, and so many other things need a website of some sort nowadays. Sure, you can use tools like Wix to create a basic website, but if you want to do anything more than scratch the surface or create anything custom, then you need to know some front end development.

Another constant in the software development industry is that, for almost as long as I’ve been a professional developer (I began my career in 1995, for context) there have been people saying that software people are a “dime a dozen”. And, to some extent it’s true. But good software people are still hard to find. People who know their stuff. People who are professionals and know not only how to make things function, but make them function well, and make them maintainable even after they’re gone … those people are rare and worth their weight in gold. And the skills that make you a good software developer are transferrable between languages and technologies because it’s about craftsmanship no matter what tools you happen to be using at the time.

So, if you’re looking to become a front end web developer to make a quick buck because it’s fashionable or easy or it’s the latest gold rush, then yes, things might be harder than you anticipated. But if you’re becoming a front end web developer because you’re excited about the possibilities, you want to do good work, and it’s something that interests you, then you could have a very bright future ahead of you.

But don’t forget to keep your eyes looking out for what’s coming next after front end web developer. Because things … they are always a-changin’.

I hope that helps!


I think @lee-dohm summed it up perfectly.

To give you some insight, I learned front-end web development on my own, because I was interested in the web and wanted to create things of my own. I’m always learning new things, failing, improving, and challenging myself with different projects.

Unfortunately I’ve never actually applied for a web development job, so I can’t give you any insight on that. However, I have made some income from my works in the form of donations, so I’d say that’s pretty good for just being my hobby haha.

Despite not making lots of money though, I don’t regret learning front-end web developement one bit. Why? Because there’s so much you can do with it, even outside of the web! It’s worth learning whether you make money or not, all that matters is whether or not you’re interested in it, and have the time to learn and improve.

Just know that it’s going to take years of experience to truly excel at it.