Is there are way to import a js module hosted on github?

Hi there,

I got a js module hosted on a repo, I try to import it in my project like so :

import ""

But apparently github returns the file as a raw text ( Content-Type: text/plain ), I want it to return text/javascript instead, is this somehow possible ? Because I would love to host my modules on github instead of cdn services.

Thanks in advance

GitHub doesn’t offer a way to do this right now. Services like unpkg do this for npm packages and there are other services that do this as well but not official GitHub services.


Any plans on supporting this in the future or is this out of the scope of Github goals ?

We’re interested in doing this to support Deno and other use cases but the timeline is unclear.

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Using GitHub Pages appears to be a popular workaround, see:

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Works perfectly ! Thanks y’all