Is there any way we can identify whether a product online is Fake or Original using technology?

Can we determine whether a product sold online is a fake or original? Can we use AI or other algorithm for the same to tackle counterfeit products?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

This is a very broad subject, since “products” could mean anything really.

The only general algorithm which I’m aware of, which is used to detect any kind of fake written information is Benford’s law:

It’s rumored that it’s used by many governments to detect if tax forms are true or lying (some governments confirm this, others refuse to say); it’s definitely used on social media to detect bots.

It’s uses are soo far reaching that it would be hard to resume them all — processing a newspaper page with this algorithm you can tell if it’s a real page or a faked one.

The algorithm is quite simple to implement and use:'s_law

mathematicians are still trying to fully understand why it works, so it’s definitely used more that it’s understood.

My guess is that fake products are likely to be presented in non-sincere ways, so this algorithm should detect suspicious product description, specifications and other info.