Is there any way to create a github user account using API or any third party libraries

Hi I want to automate github user account creation, is there any way to do so?

Hi Anupam, 

It may be worth having a look at GitHub’s Terms of Service, where it states that all accounts must be created by a human, and that people are only permitted one free user account:

If you have something specific you’re hoping to accomplish, let us know. Someone may be able to suggest a better way to go about it. 



Does this limitation also apply for GitHub Enterprise? Organization I’m working for needs to create users in GitHub Enterprise via API.

Hi @alekna ! If you’re looking for support for a GitHub Enterprise instance, we actually recommend checking our dedicated Enterprise support page: Because every Enterprise instance is different, we aren’t currently offering support for Enterprise through the Community Forum. There may be some general questions we can help with here, but when it comes to making larger changes to your instance, I’d recommend going to Enterprise support directly.