Is there any limit to the number of installed GitHub apps in one organization?

We have one large organization which hosts >1000 repos.
More than 150 development teams are working in this organization and we want to provide additional services, which could result in installing a dedicated GitHub app for every dev team.

So is there any limit on the number of GitHub apps, that could be installed in an organization?

BR Uwe Daub

Via the GitHub Pricing page, scroll down to Marketplace and integrations:

Feature Free Team Enterprise
GitHub Apps Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

The one consideration to make is that GitHub’s pricing plans have evolved over time, and there is a (very small) chance you’re on a legacy plan that does have limits – although as far as I know there have never been limits on the number of apps.

Visit Settings > Billing and then select your organisation from the dropdown at the top, and verify you’re either on “GitHub Team” or “GitHub Enterprise”. If you’re not on one of those plans, contact GitHub Support to identify if there are any restrictions on your legacy account.

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Thanks for your response.
I know, what the documentation states.

As we started to use GitHub secrets on organization level, it wasn’t documented, that you can only use 1000. We had to find out the hard way. I don’t know, whether this limit still exists.
At least the GitHub UI hasn’t pagination implemented, so you can only access to first 100 of them.

Anyway … therefore I wanted to know, whether anybody hit a limitation on installed GitHub apps.