Is there any benefit to using a windows 10 restore point for Visual Studio / Github?

Hi, I love GitHub and Git.  I am using Windows 10 and am trying to contribute to a fork of MetaGlest called ZetaGlest.  These games are fun real time strategy games.

What I am wondering is if there is any benefit of making a system restore point to interact with GitHub and Visual Studio C++?

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If I’m understanding you correctly, you want to create a Windows Restore Point in order to restore your system to a previous state when contributing to the development of games.

To begin with, nothing in the normal operation of Git should affect anything that would require a Windows Restore Point to recover from. And since GitHub is a website, it is even less likely that anything you do on GitHub could affect something that you would need a Windows Restore Point for. This is because the restore point feature is designed to help people recover from changes to Windows system files, some program files, registry settings, and hardware drivers. Since Git, when used in a typical fashion, and GitHub don’t touch any of these things, then a Restore Point would be unnecessary.

With regard to Visual Studio C++, you would have to contact Microsoft for an official answer.

But depending on what kinds of things you build _using _Visual Studio, those things that you build could do all kinds of malicious things that might require a Restore Point or even more drastic measures to recover from. You could use Visual Studio to build a worm or a virus that could do many kinds of malicious things. It doesn’t sound like that’s what you’re doing, but you could if you chose to. That’s part of the power and responsibility of writing software.

In any case, it’s generally wise to have a full backup of your entire system no matter what you’re doing with your computer, whether you’re only playing games or developing them, whether you’re surfing the web, or building all kinds of crazy machine learning algorithms. The Windows Restore Point feature isn’t intended as a full system backup, only a quick recovery mechanism for certain types of problems.

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