Is there a way (URL) to make someone subscribe to an issue?

EDIT: I rewrote the question to add missing info and hopefully make it clearer.

Currently using to display a status page using GitHub Actions and GitHub pages.
I noticed that on the status page, incidents have a Subscribe to Incident text. Clicking on it only links to the GitHub issue related to that incident.

I was now wondering if there is a way to have a user automatically subscribe (Maybe with a notice/pop-up warning them about it) to an issue on GitHub when they click a button or URL.



I recommend checking out, and their source for API used, as it is working nicely with GitHub.

Example: GitHub - z-shell/status: 📈 Uptime monitor

Thanks, but not sure how this answers my question here.

It’s my fault that I didn’t mention that I use upptime.
Tho, the Subscribe to Incident link does only link to the issue itself, while I’m asking for a way to directly subscribe to the issue, if there is something.