Is there a way to stop cloning or downloading from my public repositories?

Well, I don’t want my project public repo to be used without my permission.So is there any way I can restrict people to use my repo without my permission.I want people to take my permission before using my work.

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Could you please rephrase your question? I am not sure what you mean.

Hope this clears your doubt

@stevencopeland wrote:
Could you please rephrase your question? I am not sure what you mean.


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No, there is no way to prevent people from cloning or downloading your repository if they have access to it.  If you are worried about others using your code without your express permission, I would suggest adding a license.  I’ve personally found to be helpful when deciding which license to use.


@pn1019 It looks like you forgot to include some content on this reply. Did you edit your original post? Or did you mean to include more in this comment?

@50wliu suggested a great idea - Use a license. It protects you legally, and gives you control over your codebase…

If you’re determined to make it non-downloadable, you can always make it a private repository, but then you lose the factor of open-source-iness.

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@nadiajoyce I edited my original post. BDW, I got the query answered.

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  1. ZIP or RAR your repository

  2. Put it on google drive

  3. Click get shareable link

  4. Click advanced - Check prevent people from downloading or sharing the file

Anyone with the link can see what’s inside the directories and the structure, but can’t open or view the content of the files. 


Is there any way for rejecting large clone requests?

I want to reject clone request if repo size is more than 2GB

Could you demonstrate how this would look like in Github? I’m new to web hosting and I don’t want teachers taking all my own work for their classes.