Is there a way to set up a default readme for a GitHub organization?

Within a team or organization is it possible to supply a default readme that, when a new repository is created, will automatically appear and have questions/fields for the creator to fill out?


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Hi @resthomas,

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To address your question, it sounds like you’d like to have a README template (similar to an issue template) so that any new repo that gets opened has the same standard formatting and content across all repos within a given organization. I do not think this is currently possible; however, I can understand how that could be valuable.

We’re always working to improve GitHub, and we consider every suggestion we receive. I’ve logged your feature request in our internal feature request list. Though I can’t guarantee anything or share a timeline for this, I can tell you that it’s been shared with the appropriate teams for consideration.




Thanks Nadia!

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Hi Team,
Any update on adding this provision? Readme option at organization level is really helpful.




@nadiajoyce I would like to have a README for the organization itself, not for the repos.
Explain what the org is about, what resources are available, etc. Is that possible?