Is there a way to manage multiple project scenarios?

Hi. We have a numerical hydrology model project that we can run for differing precipitation scenarios (different time periods). The model has some files that are general and not specific to any time period (time period agnostic), and then the files, such as rain gage measurements, etc, that ARE specific to a given time period.

What we want to do is to keep the time specific files separated from each other, and also from the general (time agnostic) files. So we are looking at something like a “Basemodel” branch (time agnostic files only), and the various time specific branches (time specific files only).

The Rub:
So, what we would like is that when we want to work with a specific time period we can checkout that branch, but also have the general (time agnostic) files come in as well, such that all the files are now together and we have a complete model ready to run (a separate folder is ok for the time specific files as we can just reference the relative path to those).

And so, when changes are made, any changes made to the general files AND/OR the time specific files can be committed and pushed to the appropriate branch (time agnostic AND/OR time specific)… automatically.

I hope that makes sense, and if so, is such management possible with git?


as for me, it’s hard to visualize it particularly because we don’t have any idea about the project, if you can start a temp repo to be shared here, so we can see that too