Is there a way to import a git.bundle file directly into GitHub?

I’m a complete nuub, sorry for this idiot question.

I’ve tried the importer, no-go.

I’ve imported the bundle file onto my local PC, but I’m not sure everything is there and would prefer to have it uploaded into GitHub. Can’t find anything on this in the man pages or in the existing community posts.

I would assume there’s one or two steps involved, I just can’t find them…

Thanks in advance for your patience.

Hi @saleslogistix :wave:

You are most welcome here in the Community to ask a question that references your level of understanding. We don’t seek to punish anyone for not knowing something. We want to help you learn and get past the issue/s you may be facing.

You can try the following steps as discussed over here in the Git-bundle documentation.

machineA$ cd R1
machineA$ git bundle create file.bundle master
machineA$ git tag -f lastR2bundle master

Transfer file.bundle to the target machine B.

machineB$ git clone -b master /home/me/tmp/file.bundle R2

Thanks for the courteous and complete reply.
So the bottom line is, there is no way to import a bundle directly to the hub – it must first be unbundled onto a local machine.
So…that means I didn’t miss any nice short-cuts :wink: