Is There A Way To Grant Access To A Project To Only Subscribers Of My YouTube Channel?

Is there a way I can maintain (automate) access to a repo from an external list.

Obviously they can unsubscribe 10 seconds after cloning, but just curious if this can be done?


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Hi @datajuggler,

Thanks for being here! I suppose you could add them as outside collaborators and revoke their access if they unsubscribe. Curious to see what other peoples suggested solutions are.

hey @datajuggler , I think you can add your subscribers to a separate messenger channel and share the access with them there.

I don’t really know about about maintaining repo with subscribers, cuz that’s fake, I have tried that with clones (fake subscribers) but that didn’t work, but when i got some free youtube subscribers (i mean real people) and I tried to do that, it actually worked, tho my account spiked from 400 subscribers to 1000 in just a week, so i guess that is a good solution. I don’t actually get a track of fake or real people because who knows who makes a sdfwdfuwefuwef name account with no avatar, maybe its a person that just doesn’t care. Hope my answer could satisfy your needs :slight_smile:

I gave up on wanting this feature. My subscriber count practically stopped, so I am going to focus on something YouTube doesn’t have any control over.

Thank you for the response.