Is there a way to find repositories generated from my template repository?

GitHub already stores information that a repository has been generated using a template. But there is no way to find out all the repos generated from a specific template. In the API there’s a key for every repo called template_repository where you can find out which template repository has been used to generate the repo but there is no way to search for repositories with a certain value for template_repository.
The only solution I have right now is to use Google or other search engines with a query similar to the one below but that will require that the repositories are indexed by those search engines. "generated from sindresorhus/electron-boilerplate"

Essentially I would like something like the forks page (example) but for template repositories.


Hi @dimitarnestorov!

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Any progress with this one?

Eureka! After reading this - Search based on the contents of a repository, the answer was clear! Search by file content!

I always use the name of the repository as the title (# terraform-multienv) which is very common, so if you also do that keep on reading.

Use GitHub’s search engine and provide a unique combination of words that appear in your file. This is how I do it for my template - unfor19/terraform-multienv

I use the latter query to get meaningful search results, by sorting with sort:updated and filtering out my user name -user:USERNAME with -QUALIFIER. The keyword @me is a saved keyword given by GitHub.

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