Is there a way to download binary contents of assets through graphQL?

Hello, I am a graphQL newbie. I am just getting interested in graphQL. So, I decided to use graphQL api instead of REST api in github.

Anyway, I want to know whether I can get a binary content of an asset through graphQL, not just information of an asset.(e.g. id, name, downloadURL)(cf. I cannot use “downloadURL” to download an asset because I use enterprise github)

  With this link(, I can get a binary content of a single release asset with ease.

It seems that graphQL in github doesn’t support downloading a binary content of an asset yet, am I right?

c.f. I’ve already visited this link(

If I am wrong, can you advice to me? Thank you.

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Hi @eubnara

I see that your last link is within our Platform Community.  I would recommend trying to open up a Topic there, as that community is specifically tuned into the GraphQL API and you might get an answer faster.

Hope this helps!

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