Is there a way to do a migration of a repo without the release assets?

I am doing a migration using the API:

Is there no way to exclude the release assets? I have dozens of release assets and I do not need to archive them, but they contribute several gigabytes to the final archive.

Hey @schollz welcome and ta for the post!

AFAIK, no; we can’t exclude the release object when creating a user archive for migration in this way. The only existing option (that I’m aware of) is to use exclude_attachments.

Beyond this, there is also no equivalent endpoint with GraphQL, either. :crying_cat_face:

So I suppose I should ask, where would you like to see this enhancement? Would you like to see enhancements made to the existing REST endpoint, or for a similar endpoint in GraphQL?

I would love to see this in the existing REST endpoint. I was suggested to use the REST endpoint from Github staff I had too many repos for the “Export button” to work. However, when I backup my repos, I end up with 14 gigabytes of data, and 99% is probably releases (each repo has dozens of releases for every architecture, adding up to a lot).