Is there a way to delete a GitHub commit Status via the API?

I know the current Statuses API does not provide an endpoint that allows you to delete a commit status (‘context’) from a repo, but is there any other way to accomplish this?  (any plans to add this as a feature?) It’s annoying to have a status invoked and show up in the PR window even when it is not ‘required’ for a particular branch. Granted, it can be tweaked such that it always returns a ‘success’ value, but that’s more of a hack than a solution.

Also, what is the significance of the one week timeframe WRT to new status checks in the branch protection rules, e.g., "Status checks found in the last week for this repository " ? Is there a way to “age out” (and thereby ‘remove’) a commit status relative to this one-week timeframe?

Thanks in advance.

No, there isn’t a method to delete a status from a commit, they’re intended to show historic information on the commit so that people can refer back to them. The significance of the one week timeframe is that it seemed like the right cutoff for “currently used” status checks. There isn’t an “aging out” system for statuses.

I hope that helps.