Is there a way to copy content from one repository to another automatically?

I currently host translation files for my bot on a separate GitHub repository (under an Org that I own) while I keep the code of my bot separate.

I now would like to automate the process of copy the files from the translation-repo to my bot’s repo.

Lets just call the translation repo “Translation” and the one with my Bot’s source code “Bot”.

I, of course, only want to submit the translation files and otherwise exclude files like the content of the .github folder and the readme.

Translation and Bot both have separate directories, where the files are located. For Translation is it “lang/<filename>.json” while for Bot is it “src/main/resources/lang/<filename>.json”

Here’s a visual representation of both structures for better understanding.

Translation Bot
  | |
  | src
| |
| main
| |
| resources
| |
lang lang
| |
|- de.json |- de.json
|- en.json |- en.json
|- ko.json |- ko.json

If possible would I want to do this through either an available App/Bot or a GitHub Action (Second one is probably not possible due to the separated repositories).

I’m not really that interested to create and host an own application to handle this, so having an available (and reliable) solution would be prefered.

So is there any way?

I found some information about submodules.

However, from what I understand would those only provide information of a specific commit and not the content itself, which is what I actually want.

Any ideas?