Is there a way to automatically get notifications for all my repos?

I saw there’s a setting to turn off automatic watching, but is there a way to turn it on just for my own repos? 
I turned it off because my work has a lot of repos and I don’t want to get notifications for it every time a new one is added, but now I’m missing notifications for my own repos if I forgot to specifically watch them.


To my knowledge there is not any way to currently do that, I suspect that it would be a feature request.

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Can the OP suggestion be taken as a feature request then? I’ve been struggling with notifications for ages with the same issue

Thanks for the feedback! I’ve taken your suggestion and passed it along to the appropriate teams. Thanks again for reaching out :grinning:

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I want this feature or a similar feature.
Basically what I want is to filter notifications so I can see only those that are from the repositories I own.
I’m subscribed to many repos I’m interested on, but sometimes I want visibility of my own repos over the rest. This seems to be impossible to configure.