Is there a way to add Git submodules via

I recently learned about submodules in Git (I’m still kinda new to Github and Git), and I looked up how to add one to a repository. Seems good so far, right? Actually, all I found was stuff via the command line, and ever since I learned about all the stuff you could do using Docker, I’ve developed a phobia of the CLI, plus I use my Chromebook for everything, and I don’t want to enable the Debian VM.
So really, my question is if I can add submodules via If I have to add a file or something, I don’t care. I know the whole backstory is like a book, I’m sorry. (Chapter 4, Docker Fears…). Ok I’ll stop.

Hi @DamieFC :wave:

I completely understand your trepidation about using the command line for git. When it comes to submodules, however, you will need to use git command from the CLI to create those connections between the repositories.

That being said, could you tell me more about what specifically is blocking you when it comes to using the command line?

It sounds like there are concerns about your development environment. Chrome does offer a command line tool called the Chrome Shell.

The following articles may prove useful.

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I guess mainly it’s that the command line is so powerful and I’m still new, I only really use git for cloning repositories. I’ll read the articles and I’ll do it.

5 minutes later…

I can definitely install Termux and do that stuff. Thanks!

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Awesome! Glad we could get you moving here.
The command line is quite powerful, but try not to let it intimidate you. Most things can be undone or fixed.

If a command comes up that is not quite clear, please feel free to create a new post and someone from the community will be happy to help!